More than 36 Are Killed and 17 injured by Driver Fleeing an Accident

A bus driver has killed 36 people after ploughing into pedestrians while trying to speed away from a fatal accident in Haiti.

The incident began when the driver mowed down two pedestrians – killing one.

While trying to speed away he ran over a group of street musicians.

Officials have put the death toll at 36, with another 17 people injured.

Early reports suggested the driver had been taken to a police station – but it later emerged he had fled.

The collision happened in the Haitian city of Gonaives – about 90 miles outside Port-au-Prince – at 3am on Sunday.

Emergency workers took the injured to hospital, while police tried to control an angry crowd at the scene.

“The people who were not victims of the accident tried to burn the bus with the passengers inside,” said Faustin Joseph, civic protection coordinator for the area.

“The bus, the passengers and the driver were all placed into the care of the local authorities.”

The musicians were taking part in a rara parade, which involves playing traditional instruments and being joined by passers-by.

Haitian roads are dangerous and chaotic, with few rules observed by pedestrians and drivers.


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