Advocate make birthday gift Spend day with O’ and A’ level students

Arthur Marara, an Attorney, Speaker and Writer who was born on 17 March, celebrated his birthday on Saturday 18 March 2017, at Harare Girls High School last weekend by speaking to O’ level and A’ Level students on career guidance and motivation as well as covering Divinity and History lessons for free as a way of giving to the Zimbabweans.

In his birthday message Arthur said though he struggled at his O’ level, he did not give up but worked hard until he went to University and that inspires him.

On the same note Arthur wrote 7 reflections for his birthday after sharing a brief background of himself since birth.

The seven reflections were

  1. Everyone has a story to tell
  2. Be proud of where you come from
  3. Celebrate the people God has used in your life
  4. Remain a dreamer
  5. Remain optimistic
  6. Have a drive
  7. Rekindle your passion for life

Arthur who lives upon the motto, “I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I did not give up,” have written a number of books which include, Personal Development Kit, Time Management and The Four Gospels through Questions and answers.

I have just taken a bit of time sharing part of my story about where I am coming from and my experiences. Everyone has a story to tell including you. I have learnt that I cannot do anything about the past; I can only take charge of my future. Reminiscing about my past failures, will not make the future any better. A better future begins with me, and it begins with the quality of choices that I make today, he said.

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