Details of what you should do if you’re caught up in a terror attack

epa05863660 Armed police react following a major incident outside the Houses of Parliament in central London, Britain 22 March 2017. Scotland Yard said on 22 March 21017 the police were called to a firearms incident in the Westminister palace grounds and on Westminster Bridge amid reports of several people injured in central London. EPA/ANDY RAIN

Its very rare to be injured in a terror attack in the UK . However, as days like past few days remind us, the possibility is there.

If you do find yourself caught up in something, there are certain things you need to remember – such as making sure your phone is switched to silent with vibrate switched off if you are hiding somewhere.

According to Gov.UK, these are the steps you need to take in the event of a terrorist attack involving weapons or firearms.

London Terror Attack


  • Escape if you can
  • Consider the safest options
  • Is there a safe route? RUN if not HIDE
  • Can you get there without exposing yourself to greater danger?
  • Insist others leave with you
  • Leave belongings behind


If you cannot RUN, HIDE

Find cover from gunfire

If you can see the attacker, they may be able to see you

Cover from view does not mean you are safe, bullets go through glass, brick, wood and metal

Find cover from gunfire e.g. substantial brickwork / heavy reinforced walls

Be aware of your exits

Try not to get trapped

Be quiet, silence your phone and turn off vibrate

Lock / barricade yourself in

Move away from the door


Call 999 – What do the police need to know?

Location – Where are the suspects?

Direction – Where did you last see the suspects?

Descriptions – Describe the attacker, numbers, features, clothing, weapons etc.

Further information – Casualties, type of injury, building information, entrances, exits, hostages etc.

Stop other people entering the building if it is safe to do so


 Armed police push people back following a suspected terror attack outside parliament in London, Britain 22 March 2017. A police officer has been stabbed outside the Houses of Parliament in central London and gunshots have been heard. EPA/ANDY RAIN

Armed police push people back following the terror attack outside parliament in London on 22 March 2017 (Picture: EPA)

Follow officers instructions

Remain calm

Can you move to a safer area?

Avoid sudden movements that may be considered a threat

Keep your hands in view


Point guns at you

Treat you firmly

Question you

Be unable to distinguish you from the attacker

Officers will evacuate you when it is safe to do so

You must STAY SAFE

What are your plans if there were an incident?

What are the local plans? e.g. personal emergency evacuation plan

Suspicious items – Guidance for the public

Do not touch

Try and identify an owner in the immediate area

If you still think it’s suspicious, don’t feel embarrassed or think anybody else will report it

Report it to a member of staff, security, or if they are not available dial 999 (do not use your mobile phone in the immediate vicinity)

Move away to a safe distance – Even for a small item such as a briefcase move at least 100m away from the item starting from the centre and moving out

Remember – If you think it’s suspicious, SAY SOMETHING.

Commuters have previously been told what they should do if there is a terrorist attack at any of the UK’s busiest rail terminals.

A flyer that was published in November 2014 was branded as ‘scaremongering’ tells people to run, hide, and tell.

It shows worried-looking commuters running down stairs, hiding in a dark corner, and calling their relatives accompanied with the caption: ‘If you hear gunfire or a weapons attack, leave the area safely if you can.

‘If this puts you in greater danger, find a safe place to take cover.’

Paul Crowther, chief constable of the British Transport Police (BTP), said passengers using public transport should be alert to the threat of terrorism.

He said: ‘More than six million people travel on our railways every single day.

‘For commuters, who make the same journey over and over again, it can be easy to become oblivious to their surroundings.



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