Ivanka Trump will take an official, unpaid role in the White House

March 30, 2017

President Trump’s daughter has moved from her informal advisory role to becoming an unpaid special assistant the president.

Ivanka Trump has accept and has taken a role as an official, though unpaid, employee of her father’s administration, after her plan to serve as an informal adviser drew criticism from ethics experts and Democratic lawmakers.

Ivanka Trump will now serve as an assistant to President Donald Trump, according to a White House official. She already has an office in the West Wing and has been seeking security clearance.

The official role will strengthen the ethics requirements for President Donald Trump, who had previously said she would follow the rules for government employees but was under no legal requirement to do so. Federal government employees are required to recuse themselves from matters that affect their financial interests and to divest from assets that could be affected by their work. Trump will also now be required to file a personal financial disclosure that will be made public.

Trump — who has thus far played a far more prominent role in the administration than adult children of past presidents — has already extricated herself from her management roles at the companies owned by her family, as her husband, Jared Kushner, has been serving as a senior adviser to the president since the start of the administration. Kushner isn’t paid in that role.