SHOCK : Miss Deaf Zimbabwe 2017 beauty pageant winner crowned. Her prize: US$8.50

Twenty-three-year-old tailor Chiedza Hukuimwe was crowned for Miss Deaf 2017 over the weekend beating other 13 contestants, but walking away with $8.50 was a shock in the history of beauty pageants.

Organisers had no cash prizes before the pageant and they tried to raise some cash from well — wishers in the crowd and only got $26, proving that the pageant was suffering from financial constraints.

The money was later shared among the three winners and each walked away with $8.50 and hampers from Oceane Perfumes.

Hukuimwe who was in silver bob- tube dress by Dee Tee designer will represent the country at Miss Deaf World in July at Czech Republic and Miss Deaf Africa in South Africa.

As part of her reign, Hukuimwe will work with other deaf girls, as motivator and a voice for social responsibility.

Ruth Mukome (24), was voted first princess while 21-year-old Natasha Sibanda was crowned the second princess in the beauty pageant which ran under the theme, ‘Beauty with Silent Voice’.

Miss Personality crown went to Thandynkosi Sibanda who wowed the crowd from the start with her walk and confidence as they cheered her each time she came on stage.

┬áTarisai Gweje of ‘Chaivo’ dressed the models on African attire segment which proved to be the crowds favourite.

The newly crowned winner said she was happy that she won the coveted crown.

“I am in a shock and happy at the same time. I would like to thank Madeline Yohane (event organiser) who always taught me and gave me courage that I can do it. I am happy I will represent the country at Miss Deaf World and hoping to do my best,” she said through her interpreter.

The event was held at LongChen Plaza Mall with ZiFM’s bubbly Rebecca Muchenje and dancer John Cole as hosts of the ceremony.

Angeline Matambudziko was the interpreter for the night.

Edgar’s stylist Marshal Maliluka, award-winning singer Willis Wataffi and choreographer Edric Godzongere were the judges of the pageant and they looked at personality, confidence, walk and they sought the best person to represent the country in July at Miss Deaf World in Czech Republic.

Although the event started late it lived up to its billing, with entertainers such as MC Chita who performed his hit song ‘Dandaro’, driving everyone to frenzy mood.

The models shocked everyone when the danced to Killer T, song ‘Takangodaro’ choreographed by John Cole.

They proved that being deaf does not mean that they are not beautiful, they cannot dance or show their talents.

Organiser of the show Yohane said it was a success as it went according to plan.

“I am happy that with the limited resources this is where we have reached. I am sure you were all shocked by the talents displayed here during the ‘Talent segment’, who thought deaf girls can do that. They can dance and it is proven that the moment you lose your other sense, the other four coordinates.

“So in short they were picking the beat from their feet vibrations and you couldn’t tell they were not hearing anything,” she said.

She said they are now preparing for the Miss Deaf World.

“We now have the winner and urge the corporate world to rally with us. We have the potential to bring the crown home. Look at the cash prize we gave them, it is painful but I thank God for that. We still appeal to the companies to support us. It is still not late if we get money and we give them because it seems they are left out,” she said.

Meanwhile, all the models were given a free treat to visit the Amusement Park for fun courtesy of LongChen Plaza.


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