Theresa Mays nightmare.

Today Theresa Mays words came back to haunt her. After telling Scotland ‘ now is not the time’ the EU told her ‘ now is not the time for Trade talks’
What’s more they made it abundantly clear they are in charge of negotiations, not her.

FILE PHOTO: British Prime Minister Theresa May smiles as she greets her French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve at Number 10 Downing Street in London, Britain, February 17, 2017. REUTERS/Toby Melville/File Photo

So once again using the PMs own words, we are indeed facing an over the cliff situation.

The rules were clearly set out, so it begs the question, why did the PM try to make up her own?  The UK obviously signed up to the existing rules when Article 50 was written.

Who is pulling the strings here?

She is a well educated woman, it beggars belief that she really thought Great Britain still rules the world and that the rest of the EU would just fall down at her feet!

This of course is the exact same arrogance she displays when dealing with Scotland, she obviously does not know the Scots!

Saying No does not go down well here in Scotland especially when there is no logical reason for doing so , unless of course she knows this time Westminster will not win.

So there we have it, no ones listening to the UK Prime Minister, her battle plan in tatters before she even begins and so many battles to fight.

Why oh why did this Tory government choose to act on such a devisive dangerous road at a time when their debt is almost £3trillion?  There is no ‘get out of jail’ card for that one and separating from the worlds largest market will only increase that debt.

They say ‘Pride cometh before a fall’ perhaps it would be better to try a little humility for a change.

This is not the time for isolation, we live in a world where family of nations means just that….family.




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