Tanya Muzinda 12-Years old Is Zimbabwe’s First Female Motocross Champion

At 6, you were probably desperately learning to ride that new bike your parents got you. But at that same age, Tanya Muzinda had learned to handle a motorbike on her own and had even become the first Zimbabwean female motocross champion in history.

At a young age, the 12-year-old started learning to ride a go-kart. With her go-kart, she often visited a motorsport park in Harare where she fell in love with motocross. At the age of 5, she participated in her first motocross competition in which she came second. Seven years down the line she has become such a kick-ass motocross rider that she has been named Zimbabwe’s most decorated female in the sport.

Muzinda, who is currently in primary school, was awarded Junior Sportswoman and Junior Sportsperson of the Year in 2015 at Zimbabwe’s National Sports Awards. That same year, she was recognized by Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards in Birmingham, England as the Sportswoman of the Year.

At 9, Muzinda was appointed a European Union’s ambassador for food security in rural areas. Through this appointment, she was given the best motorbike for her sport – the Austrian KTM. Before this, her father had to sell his motorcycle to get her a motocross bike she could use.

In 2013, she met with motocross legend, Stefy Bau, who started training and managing her. Bau facilitated Muzinda’s 2016 Europe tour where she met world champion, Tony Cairoli. She also participated in the Italian Motocross Championship – competing against some top junior and senior female riders from Europe.

Through her success in motocross, Muzinda wants “to tell all the girls around the world they must do the sport they want, even if it’s a male-dominated sport.” And, in the future, she wants to become the first women’s motocross world champion from Africa. Go, girl!


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