BREAKING NEWS : Boy, 11, dies after ‘severe beating by staff’ at school

A schoolboy who had his legs amputated after an alleged beating by staff at a school in Malaysia had died from his injuries after a month-long fight for his life.

Mohamed Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, 11, was in an induced coma at the High Dependency Ward in the Sultan Ismail Hospital having already lost both his legs to amputation. Doctors planned to remove his arm this morning before his condition worsened.

Police say the boy and 14 others were lashed with a water hose because they made a noise in the school’s Islamic assembly building.

Mohamed Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi in his hospital bed just days before he died of his injuries

Mohamed Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi in his hospital bed just days before he died of his injuries

The boy died today with hisĀ father Mohd Ghadiffi Mat Karim, 43, and his mother Felda Wani Ahmad by his side.

Mr Karim said the family had accepted his son’s death as fate.

The local force said Thaqif had been beaten multiple times by an assistant warden at his school’s hostel, the latest being on March 24.

Officers obtained a four-day remand order on the 29-year-old suspected attacker, who has served a two-year jail sentence in the past and has a criminal record for theft.

The boy’s auntie Nurul Nabilah Ahmad, 30, said he was taken to hospital after suffering severe pain which emerged days after it is thought he was beaten at the religious school in Kota Tinggi.

Doctors were monitoring a blood clot in his left shoulder and were planning to operate this morning.

Sadly, the boy’s condition was never stable enough to take him into surgery and he died hours later.

Thaqif’s legs were amputated on Friday to stop infection spreading and he had undergone surgery a day after he was admitted to treat congealed blood in one of his hands.


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