Majority of people are having sex in airports instead of on planes

Joining the mile high club may sound really cool and sexy, but the reality is all too often two people quietly, awkwardly banging away pressed up against a sink and praying that they don’t accidentally unlock the door.

Add to that the lingering scent of urine and cleaning fluids, and it makes sense that the number of people getting it on while in the air really isn’t that high.

Instead, according to a new survey from US.Jetcost.com, people feeling frisky pre-holiday are getting sexual at the airport.

Using responses from 4,915 Americans who’d flown at least once in the past two years, the company found that around one in ten American travelers have had some kind of sex (whether that’s oral, hand-related, or full on sexy time) at an airport, compared with around 8% who’d actually tried it on a plane.

Apparently this is because of all the free time people have at the airport – getting there three hours before your flight only really allows for reading, shopping, or sex.

Of those who had got busy inside airports, 42% said the sex had taken place in the toilets, while 28% did it in general storage cupboards. 14% went for just going at it under a coat, while 12% hooked up in the VIP lounge. Fancy.

The majority of airport and plane sex havers did it with their travelling partners, but 5% hooked up with a stranger.

Thankfully, only 17% say they’ve been caught banging by airport staff, which is actually a fairly high success rate.

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What can we take from all this? Don’t feel like a sexual failure because you haven’t achieved orgasm in the clouds. The airport’s fine too – and there’s less turbulence.*

*Unless you like it that way.


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