BREAKING : North Korea has threatens to launch a nuclear strike at Washington

May 7, 2017
| Report Focus News

North Korea has threatened to launch a nuclear strike at Washington and ‘reduce the White House to ashes’.

| Report Focus News

The threat was made in a 2,000 word report by the KCNA media agency which condemned United States president Donald Trump’s decision to move US navy warships into the Japan Sea.

It comes amid growing tensions in the region with the article claiming that 330,000 US soldiers took part in military drills in preparation for ‘all-out war’ with North Korea.

It claimed that Kim Jong-un ‘will retaliate’ and labels the US troops ‘murderous ogres’, ‘robbers’ and ‘air pirates’.

The editorial, seen by the Express, report claimed: ‘This is a stern warning to the US imperialists and their stooges running amuck for aggression and war moves.

‘The world will clearly witness how the crime-woven history of the US imperialists will be over, how the despicable remaining days of the south Korean puppet forces will come to an end and how national reunification, the cherished desire of the Korean nation, will be achieved.’


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