Ariana’s Manchester Tribute Tickets Sell Out in 20 Minutes

“Sat by the phone waiting, popped away to attend to something and by time I got back at 10:44 I couldn’t find 2 seats! This just goes to show how high-in-demand the tickets for this incredible show are”, says our reporter..

With the general tickets priced at a very reasonable £40, it’s no surprise. If you’re feeling super generous however, there’s a £2500 ticket offering access to a cash bar and priority seating in the Pavilion Terrace at the infamous Old Trafford stadium.

Some tickets have been reserved for fans who attended last Monday’s Ariana Grande show who have not yet been able to claim free places.

Those fans will now be able to register for tickets to One Love Manchester until 14:00 BST on Thursday.

Ticketmaster said: “We would like to reassure any fans who were at the show that they will receive a free ticket.”

Ticket buyers who were at the original Ariana Grande concert have been asked to provide their booking reference and information about where they bought their tickets in order to register.

One Love Manchester takes place on Sunday, with proceeds going to the Red Cross’s Manchester Emergency Fund.

Last Monday, 22 people died and 116 were injured in a suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena and ever since, the world has been taken aback by the unity in the UK city.

Not just Ariana but a host of other artists and celebs have pledged their support to the victims and the ongoing recovery. So far Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Take That, Usher and One Direction star Niall Horan will accompany the “broken” singer on stage.

More big names are expected to be added to the line-up this week, including rapper Eminem who is rumoured to be joining.


The stars are hoping to raise at least £2 million for the fund which will provide support to the families of those who lost loved ones and will continue to care for the injured.

For those who can’t get tickets, the poignant concert will be broadcast live on BBC One on Sunday from 6.55pm until 10pm.

It will also be available to watch on demand via BBC iPlayer.