Salman Abedi cousins “could not believe a bubbly person” committed terror attack

ySalman Abedi  the Manchester Bomber  cousins said they “could not believe” he was responsible for the deadly attack as he was a “bubbly, laid back person”.

Abz and Isaac Forjani, both aged same age 24, were arrested in the wake of the atrocity but have since been released without charge.

Abz owns a barber shop in Manchester and said Abedi was his “normal” self when he came in recently for his typical haircut.

In a interview recent with ITV News, Abz said: “He’d gossip, and tell jokes. He was more or less a laid back person.

“He didn’t have a special character, he was just a bubbly person that always acted normal.“He never came and spoke to me about something serious. If he had maybe I could have done something about it.”

Isaac reiterated that they have no links to extremism but they were “expecting a visit” from the police in the wake of the atrocity.

The brothers mentioned how confused they are as to why it happened. Isaac said: “I was more expecting questions, interviews. I wasn’t expecting to get arrested with machine guns in your face, all of that.

“The police have to do what they have to do. I’d have stayed there for seven more days to do what I can to help them with their enquiries.”

Sixteen people have been arrested in connection with the bombing and 10 remain in custody.

The Forjani brothers were arrested the day after the attack and mentioned how tough it was to try and come to terms with what had happened.

Issac said: “I couldn’t stop crying, especially the first few days when I was getting questioned.

“And every time that story was brought up, little girls, innocent lives. You just couldn’t just stop yourself from crying, that’s all you can do. Their lives, 22 lives, have gone.”

Both brothers said they couldn’t understand how their younger cousin could become terrorist.Abz said: “We had a lot of things in common, had a lot of things in common.

Manchester police are still carrying out extensive investigations “From playing football to experiencing the party life. Not going to deny that. We had similar, similar thoughts. Similar things we used to do.“The way it’s flipped I have no idea how that happened and why it’s happened.”


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