London Bridge terror attack : Canadian woman dies in lover’s arms moments after being hit by van

A Canadian woman died in her fiance’s arms moments after she was mowed down by a van in the London Bridge terror attack.

Christine (Chrissy) Archibald, 30, and her partner Tyler Ferguson were on the bridge when three terrorists launched their rampage.   Christine Archibald and Tyler Ferguson got engaged just a few months ago

Mr Ferguson, who was walking just ahead of Miss Archibald, looked back in her direction as he heard screeching tyres and saw victims being run down, his family says.

He launched a desperate attempt to resuscitate her but she died as he held her.

“He is broken into a million pieces,” Ferguson’s sister told CBC News “He held her and watched her die in his arms.”

The attackers moved through Borough Market, stabbing people at random, before they were shot and killed by police.


Ferguson remains in London and his brother says family members are travelling to be with him. “He can’t sleep, he can’t eat, he can’t think, he can’t do anything, really. He’s just trying to hold on until my mom gets there.”



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