Bradley Lowery condition worse as he gets ‘new lumps and bumps each day’

June 12, 2017
| Report Focus News

Bradley Lowery’s family say they’re making the most of their time with the poorly little boy, as he still manages to enjoy precious family moments.

The six-year-old’s brave battle against neuroblastoma has become more and more gruelling, with doctors telling his heartbroken parents recently that he has just “weeks to live”.

But according to his family, the disease still can’t dent the cheeky smile and courageous personality which has captured the nation’s heart.

After a weekend away enjoying his grandparents’ caravan, Bradley’s brave mum, Gemma, said: “He is still sleeping a lot but when he is awake he is his quirky little self.

“We have had our orders and he wants to go swimming so hopefully he’ll get to do that in the next few days even if he only gets in for five minutes.”

But with the rare and aggressive childhood cancer, which has blighted the Lowery family’s lives since it returned last July, still progressing fast, the family hope to make the most of their chance to make more happy memories with Bradley.

She said: “Although he seems to be doing OK on the outside we are finding new lumps and bumps each day so inside is obviously changing fast.

“We are taking each day as it comes and treasuring every smile and we still hoping to go away somewhere close to home so we can enjoy some quality family time at end of this week.”

Posting on his Facebook page, Gemma spoke of her struggle to accept doctors’ predictions for her little boy.

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