DUP-Conservative deal stalling ahead of Queen’s Speech

Northern Ireland’s DUP has not yet agreed a deal with the Conservatives. The Queen’s Speech on Wednesday will be unveiled without a formal majority for Theresa May’s Conservative party, with several journalists reporting that the DUP believe that talks “have not been going as expected.”

THERESA May’s “strong and stable” Government is on the brink of collapsing – after talks with the DUP faltered.

Last week, Mrs May appeared to call the party’s bluff, confirming the date of the Queen’s Speech without an agreement on a ‘confidence and supply’ arrangement.

And today, DUP sources told Sky News the talks “haven’t proceeded in a way that DUP would have expected.”

They urged the government to give “greater focus” to the talks and said the “party can’t be taken for granted”.

Government sources said no agreement with the DUP was likely until Thursday at the earliest.

The terms of the confidence and supply arrangement have yet to be agreed amid wranglings over the DUP ’s demands for funding and cuts to corporation tax.

The government will unveil the Queen’s Speech at 11.30am tomorrow, with a vote to follow next Tuesday.


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