Nkosana Moyo: no Zanu PF ‘blood’ in me

FORMER industry minister, Nkosana Moyo, says there is no “Zanu PF blood” in him and he has never held a ruling party membership card in his entire life.

Moyo, who recently launched his presidential bid, said this on Thursday while addressing industrialists, church leaders and opposition colleagues in Gweru.

“I am not a Zanu PF project at all and, in fact, when I was appointed into Cabinet by Mugabe, I came from outside the party due to my expertise,” a local daily quoted Moyo saying.

“I have never been a holder of a Zanu PF party card. If I ever had Zanu PF blood in me, I would have stayed in Mugabe’s government and enjoyed all the benefits that you know.

“I have always wanted to see this country prosper and that is why I initially joined that Cabinet. I also think at that time Mugabe took advantage of that fact because he suspected I could join (Morgan) Tsvangirai’s MDC-T,” he added.

The leader of the Alliance for the People’s Agenda also reportedly said after quitting Mugabe’s Cabinet in 2001, “he had to flee the country for his security”.

“I had no army or police, so I had to flee the country for my own safety because of the volatile situation of that time,” he said.

“But my family has always been here, that is why I have come back to put forward my presidential bid to lead this country because my CV tells me I am the best candidate to deal with the problems of the day like the bad economy.”

“If a person says I can fix this country’s economy, ask them if they have the qualifications for that and whether they have done it before. People, who have expertise in certain areas, must be given the chance to prove themselves,” he said.

On Moyo’s resignation in 2001, Mugabe angrily lashed at his minister, describing him as “spineless”. Mugabe added that he wanted “amadoda sibili” (real men” in his government.