BREAKING NEWS: At least 48 people injured in train crash

AT least 48 people have been injured, five of them seriously, in a train crash in Barcelona.

The crash took place at  the Renfe Francia station during the Friday morning rush hour.

At least 18 of the injured passengers on the R2 Sur train from Tarragona have been taken to hospitals in the city.

Reports say the train failed to break as it was entering the station platform and struck the platform buffers.

“The train was breaking, the consequences could have been worse. The train was derailed because of the collision,” said Catalan counsellor Josep Rull.

One injured passenger who was sleeping on the train told El Pais ‘It was like an earthquake, but we were lucky.’

The majority of injured passengers were tended to at the platform by emergency services.

The Generalitat has activated its Catalan Civil Protection Plan for emergencies, with patrols of firefighters and police officers on the scene.

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