The two ministers who poisoned Emmerson Mnangagwa ?

Energy Mutodi says Defence Minister, Sydney Sekeramayi and Health Minister, David Parirenyatwa are suspected of having poisoned Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In a new Facebook post, Mutodi said Mnangagwa boarded an Airforce plane at the Zimbabbwe Defence College on the fateful day in the company of the two ministers.  Another minister Simon Kaya Moyo was also reportedly on board.

“It is said that while in the chopper, the Vice President was served with some samosas, sandwiches and grapes that he unsuspectingly ate. The food is said to have been brought by Sydney Sekeramayi from home. It is not yet established who was part of the cabin crew.

Upon arrival at the Gwanda Youth Interface rally, Vice President Mnangagwa took to the VIP tent and did not eat anything that was served. He however began to feel dizzy and began
vomiting, forcing his aides to alert Intelligence Minister Kembo Mohadi who then called paramedics to assist him.

Parirenyatwa reportedly tried to do some tests on the VP before suggesting that he be flown to Matadaei Hospital in Bulawayo, a decision the VP rejected; perhaps fearing the worst.

Instead he agreed to be flown to Gweru where he was attended to by his private doctors after which he was transferred to Manyame Hospital and then to South Africa the following morning where doctors detected toxins in his system.

Up to 97% of the toxins were flashed out when the VP was initially admitted. The toxins had reportedly started to affect his liver, explaining why he had suffered blood-strained vomits.

The latest details on the poisoning saga are in contrast with unsubstantiated claims that the VP had been poisoned from some ice cream served at the rally from Gushungo dairy.

The false rumors could have emanated from the poising syndicate that sought to conceal evidence for their criminal actions.

It is most likely that they knew, from their medical experience, that the poison would not induce instant pain at least to allow them to fly to the rally while their victim would still be feeling alright. They also knew that he would most likely eat something from the VIP tent; thus, creating confusion as to when he would have been poisoned.

It remains subject of speculation if the Vice President will make a police report against the two ministers.

However, it maybe a waste of time as several ministers who have been criminally charged for various offences remain scot-free as long as they belong to the correct basket in ZANU PF succession