Grace Mugabe’s ex-Hubby Goreraza Steps In Concerned For Nhira

Zimbabwe first lady Grace Mugabe’s ex husband Stanely Goreraza has waded into the Zodwa Wabantu and actress Ann Nhira fiasco, raising concern over the latter’s safety.

Writes Goreraza on Facebook, “I don’t know this Anne Nhera but my good lord, mukati achiri mupenyu iyeye nekutukirirwa kwaarikuitwa! Ahhh, nhai vanhu, hapana kana mashoko amasiya. Munoti munhu anopona here nekutukwa kwakadaro? Kuita kumufushira nemashoko.”

He goes further writing in the vernacular to give credit to Zimbabweans and their ability to insult people, cautioning that he should be careful not to fall in the same fate, “undifungiseo ndisafa ndakdenha ma Zimbabweans nekuti maiwee, ahhh kutuka chete, muri nyanzi. Munotuka zvinorwarisa nyama nemweya.”

Goreraza’s comments after the Zimbabwe Board of Censors, which also comprises President Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona, has ruled Zodwa Wabantu will not be performing at this year’s International Carnival because her dressing is a travesty of Zimbabwe culture.

During her last visit to Zimbabwe an ecstatic Zodwa expressed a wish to meet President Robert Mugabe, and now the board on which his daughter sits has declared not wearing panties uncultured according to state media reports.

The comments by the Board of Censors put to rest the Zodwa story which has been trending on social media for the past week after the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority issued a public apology to the South African performer.

Members of the censorship board converged in Harare for a two day induction workshop where the board chairman Mr Eneas Chigwedere revealed allowing the South African socialite to take part at the Harare International Carnival is against Zimbabwe’s culture.

Minister of Home Affairs Dr Ignatius Chombo said government will support the decision taken by the Board of Censors emphasizing that the mandate of the board is derived from the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act.

The new Board of Censors which was appointed end of July has a mammoth task ahead in its implemenation and administration of the act if one considers the wide use and abuse of internet and social media which has presented itself as the newest threat to the upholding of the Zimbabwe cultural fabric.