A very heartfelt message from a desperate father

I’m feeling really awful. I let my daughter down when she really needed me. This week has been so tough.

I have had to tell my daughter that she can’t go to her matric farewell because I can’t afford to send her. I don’t have the money for her farewell, nor do I have the money to buy her the beautiful dress she deserves.

She was so excited to go for her farewell. She spoke about it this entire year. But I haven’t been able to collect enough money to send her. I’ve even spent an extra few hours on the road begging for money, but I’m still very short of the money that I need to get her. I’ve been begging till the late hours of the evening.

As a beggar, I battle to provide for my family on a daily basis, but I really hoped that I would be able to give her this one thing in life that would make her happy. I never got to experience a matric farewell, but I wanted to change that for her, and give her something I never had.

That look of disappointment on her face broke my heart. I’m sure she understands, but it’s never easy turning down your kid.

A few years ago I had a decent job. I used to repair gutters at people’s homes and businesses. But one day a beam fell on my leg, and I was left crippled. I didn’t receive any grants either, so that makes it a lot tougher.

Ever since then, I’ve been on the streets begging for money. My priority is to put food on the table for my three kids and my wife when I get home every evening, but even that is incredibly hard.

There are days where I am unable to give my family anything. As a father I feel like I’m letting down my family by not being able to provide.

I have days where I feel sorry for myself and my family. But in a life like this, there is no time to feel sorry for yourself.

You have to brush off the disappointment, lift your head up, be positive, and do everything in your power to provide for your loved ones.

I pray that one day I am able to provide for my family and give them a life they deserve. That’s all a father really wants in life.