Zimbabwean little girl struggles with cancer

Seven year old Natasha Matimba from Norton was given a few months to live last year by medical doctors but more than a year later, the little girl is holding on to dear life in spite of advanced skin cancer called Zeroderma Pigmentosa.

Her condition has defied conventional science, baffling the medical fraternity as doctors had given her a few weeks to survive.
Yet the seven years old Natasha has proved once survival becomes one’s objective, then not even a doctor’s diagnosis can matter as she holds on to dear life although her condition is deteriorating.

Narrating how Natasha’s life has been a struggle from when she was three months old, the mother, Winnet Banda said she has been in and out of hospital with her daughter and last year, doctors told her to take her baby girl home as there was nothing else the doctors could do to help her.

While some husbands desert their families when misfortune befalls them, Mr Tinashe Phiri, who is a step father to Natasha, has not done so.
Mr Phiri is unemployed but he did all in his power to an extent of selling his property to raise funds for Natasha’s medical costs.

For Natasha’s parents, hope is like the sun, as they journey towards it, it casts the shadow of their burdens behind them.

Yet, even for the strong ones, there comes a time when the burden becomes too heavy for one to bear alone.

Those who want to assist Natasha can get hold of her mother, Winnet Banda on cell number 0713 484 617.

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Under normal circumstances, this little girl must be under palliative care.

Palliative care improves a patient’s quality of life by managing pain and other distressing symptoms of a serious illness.
However, due to financial constraints, Natasha’s family is trying to make her life as comfortable as it can be, but they are struggling to make ends meet.
A similar condition is also afflicting 8-year old girl, Bridget Mandimutsira, whose story has been highlighted by the ZBC News and is at the moment hoping to go for advanced retreatment in the United Kingdom.

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