Mugabe contradicts wife Grace on succession and factionalism

 Zimbabwe’s succession debate took an odd late double twist in Bindura on Saturday afternoon after the Mugabe family differed immensely on the direction the country should take once Robert Mugabe leaves state house.

Speaking before her husband, Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe took massive swipes at supporters of Emmerson Mnangagwa, and the leadership of the war veterans, Emmerson Mnangagwa himself, and other members of the rival Lacoste faction.

Grace Mugabe revealed her irk at the incident in which the Vice President was pictured holding a mug which read “I AM THE BOSS”. An occurrence she and her allies in a G40 faction insist was treasonous.

But Mugabe took to the podium and dismissed these claims as inconsequential, saying that “ndizvo munhu zvaangafire izvozvo (can a person be persecuted because of a mug).

Yet that was the smallest divergence between the Mugabe family. Earlier this year, Grace Mugabe stated that Mugabe should pick a successor and that his ‘word would be final’.

But Mugabe again threw cold water on these claims, reminding his supporters in the small mining town that the constitution does not allow him to cherry pick a successor.

Mugabe further reminded the audience (which included his wife) that he was a lawyer.

“Handingasiyi mukadzi wangu… zvinoitwa ku France izvozvo (I cannot leave my wife in power, that happens in France”

Mugabe’s entire mood was a far cry from his wife who was in her usual swash buckling mood who took time to assault Mnangagwa.

He further added that he would not be influenced by gossip and rumours, and therefore would not act against any of his members despite baseless accusations.

Khuluma Afrika