Thousands of anti-Brexit activists march to Parliament

Thousands of people marched in Westminster on Saturday to protest against the United Kingdom’s plans to leave the European Union.

The rally in the centre of London was attended by at least 50,000 people according to its organisers.

They gathered in Parliament Square to hear Sir Bob Geldof and former Liberal Democrat cabinet minister Sir Ed Davey talk about remaining within the European Union.

The rally comes ahead of a Parliament vote on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill on Monday, which opponents have described as a “power grab” by the Government.

Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, said the bill amounted to an “affront to Parliament”, a claim which Brexit secretary David Davis said was “cynical and unprincipled”.

Sir Ed told the crowd: “I’ve gone from anger to distress, from fury to despair. But since the Brexit negotiations begun there’s a third emotion I’ve been feeling: Embarrassment.

“Embarrassment at our country’s leaders. Embarrassment for Great Britain.”

The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has said he is “rock solid confident” the UK will clinch a deal with the EU after Brexit.

The People’s March For Europe, as the rally had been named, saw attendees waving European flags and carrying signs urging each other to reject Brexit.

Some were wearing blue t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Remoaner Till I Die” while others wore blue wigs and berets.

Jean Lambert, an MEP for London, said that she wanted the British public to have another say on the matter at the end of the negotiating process – just as she would have as an MEP.

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“I want a similar meaningful vote for people in Westminster,” she said.

“Not a gift from the Government but a right. And I also want a vote for the people of this country.

“Even basic consumer protection says you have a cooling-off period, a time to consider whether or not you are being offered what fits your needs and your ambition.

“So a vote for the people, not just the politicians.”