Uebert Angel Launches Millionaire Academy Programme

Prominent international business figure Uebert Angel is aiming to raise up millionaires after recently launching his new business mentorship programme ‘The Millionaire Academy’. Uebert Angel is a self-made multi-millionaire entrepreneur who has made fortune in real estate, and runs his own successful group of companies in the UK called The Billion Group. This is his latest venture aimed at empowering and educating people across the world and is dubbed “The Ultimate Financial Training for Business and Household Wealth”.

The Millionaire Academy has been running events and seminars all over the globe for some time now and to this date, it has a very proud history of raising up some of the world’s great successful millionaires. They have now launched a membership only group aimed at teaching people how to become a millionaire through applied mind-set and practical principles. The academy differs from others in that it offers ongoing personal guidance and mentoring from Uebert Angel and his team. Members can access a members only Facebook page and online community making the academy useful for networking as well as mentoring.

Current member of the Millionaire Academy course, Luke Williams, was excited at the news, stating:

“I have attended almost all of the live events so to hear the news that Uebert Angel is starting a private mentorship group was music to my ears. I jumped on my laptop and signed up instantly.”

According to sources close to the organisation the course was set up to give people who are hungry to be millionaires the opportunity to learn business principles directly from people who enjoy great success in business and finance. The academy provides students with a unique opportunity to learn from those who have past the millionaire checkpoint already. The coaching structure boasts millionaires from differing fields of expertise, from real estate, to the football industry, to precious metal mining, Angel has assembled a real A-Team of successful people.

Dr Michael Simmons, a speaker for The Millionaire Academy, said:

“After the astounding success of the seminars and events, the question was always when is Uebert Angel going to do a mentorship course? It was definitely the right time to answer that question, and we can tell you one thing for sure, this is going to have a huge impact on people’s financial lives.”

Famed business personality and public speaker Uebert Angel featured in a three-page feature in Forbes Magazine in 2014, article entitled “The Prophet Of Success”. He has also been recognised by such prominent global figures as Nelson Mandela and Nat Rothschild. The course is an intensive course that lasts two months, and membership is split into three tiers. Silver membership, Gold membership and Platinum membership, each tier having its own unique benefits. Platinum membership gives the member access to one on one mentorship phone calls with Uebert Angel himself, whilst Gold boasts branding support and Silver exclusive social group membership. People can join now by visiting the Millionaire Academy website and selecting a membership category.