TRAGEDY: 2 Sisters and a Child Commit Suicide All At Once

Tragedy stuck the Nyamiti family in Shinga Village, Mutoko as two biological sisters reportedly committed suicide by drowning themselves along with one child in a dam.

Thandiwe Nyamiti, her young sister Chipo and a baby’s bodies were last week retrieved from Moko Dam after drowning for an unknown reason. Revelations are that the sisters’ fathers also died by drowning years ago. The two got into the water with their children strapped on their backs but one child survived.

Thandiwe’s child died while Chipo’s boy survived after finding refuge on reeds near the dam shore. Family spokesperson Dugmore Reza said he was saddened by the death of his two sisters since everything was well.

“We never expected something like this to happen since everything was fine with my sisters, up to now we still don’t know why they decided to end their lives this way,” he said. The night before Thandiwe and Chipo were at our m other’s house and they even spent the whole night praying. The following day, they left the house heading to Mudzi Growth Point where they wanted to sell some items.

When they approached Moko dam, they were seen by villagers praying and surprisingly the next thing is they were seen inside the dam where they drowned. People tried to rescue them but they failed, police rescue team was called in and they were then taken out of the dam three hours later. Thandiwe. Chipo and Thandiwe’s baby survived, he was found on the reeds in the dam,” he said.

Dugmore went to reveal that their late father died in a similar way and he suspects her sisters were under the influence of evil spirits which were responsible for the death of their father. When I was told what had happened, I was reminded of our father’s death, he died mysteriously as well.

I strongly suspect that there is a spirit that is haunting us as a family, we need spiritual guidance to protect us from this curse,” he said.- state media

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