MDC-UK celebrates party’s 18 years of existence

THE MDC is proud of its achievements since formation including saving Zimbabwe from “total collapse” in 2009, the UK branch has declared.

Announcing the MDC UK and Ireland 18th Anniversary Celebration to be held in Birmingham, Victor Karonga, the Chairman of the Birmingham Branch, said his party was a democratic institution which has played an important role in Zimbabwe since 1999.

The event will be held at Kings Norton Club on Saturday from midday till 10pm.

“As an institution founded on democratic principles and values, we have achieved much that we can be very proud of including rescuing the country from total collapse in 2009 when we formed the GNU,” said Karonga in a statement.

“The move salvaged the country and restored hope and opportunities for Zimbabweans. The MDC played a vital role in spearheading and delivering a new constitution,” he added.

“Yes we have heartfelt testimonies about challenges that we have faced, some very tragic, but all these ideals have kept us going and we are strongly focused ahead of the expected 2018 elections,” said Karonga.

He went on, “It is our since hope that we celebrate together as Zimbabweans and look deeper ahead into 2018 which is providing a window of opportunity to remove the corrupt Zanu PF from power.”

Karonga said as a party they were heading into the 2018 general elections with “much hope and determination as the environment is providing clear opportunities for the opposition to emerge victorious”.

He said as MDC UK and Ireland External Assembly, they were embracing and giving our maximum support for the formation of MDC Alliance.

“This is the only solution we can offer to Zimbabweans who have become destitute both from home and abroad. Here in United Kingdom we are witnessing men and women who are going through hard times due to lack of the right to stay. We should give our full support to the MDC Alliance to win the 2018 election in order to offer Zimbabweans a better life and create opportunities for business investments to create jobs so that we can return back home,” he said.

Karonga further said as a party they had a duty to keep up pressure on Zanu PF to create an environment for free and fair elections and make Zimbabwe a safe country.

“By free and fair we mean credible processes that meet minimum standards set by SADC and United Nations. We must not just watch but take action now until election time by taking the Zimbabwean issue on the International platform such as AU, SADC and United Nations,” he said.

According to Karonga, on Saturday All UK-based aspiring MP candidates for 2018 will be there to share with us their vision and expectations for their perspective constituencies and country. Also, a prominent Immigration Solicitor will be present to give advice on immigration changes and challenges.

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