UZ Student handcuffed, detained as mates graduate

A University of Zimbabwe student and Zimbabwe National Student Union (ZINASU) leader, Zivai Mhetu was Friday denied the opportunity to graduate after police handcuffed and detained him for almost six hours in a small room at the university campus as others were being capped by President Robert Mugabe.

Mhetu was not charged.

The MDC-T aligned political activist spoke to New Zimbabwe and expressed anger over his fate saying President Mugabe’s regime has failed Zimbabweans over the past three and a half decades.

“They (police) never told me my case but they just handcuffed me and ordered me to sit inside a closed room that looks like a police post at the university. I had my gown and everything ready for the graduation ceremony only to be stopped whilst trying to go where the proceedings were about to take place.

“My name was obviously called but, I was handcuffed and detained somewhere and the ceremony ended just like that. The government has failed us. We cannot expect any good thing from this regime.

“This government feeds on its own people. Being a citizen of this country and having toiled for the past three years for me to attain my degree, I did not know that the University of Zimbabwe administration, the police and the CIO would see it fit that I should not attend the graduation ceremony, that I should graduate in handcuffs for a crime that they did not even dare explain to me.

“The solution is that we should vote overwhelmingly and unseat this government. The best thing is to win the election through the ballot box but, at some point, we might have to think outside the box because Mugabe has failed us and we also have to remember that the present leadership is violent and it is a lesson, food for thought,” said a distraught Mhetu.

Mhetu obtained a Bachelor (Hon) in Public Administration.

Recently, he was reportedly denied a vacancy to study an MA at the same university after his application was turned down by the authorities at the institution.

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