Robert Mugabe Arrives in New York With Bloated Delegation


Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has arrived in New York amid criticism that he is travelling with a bloated entourage of over 70 people, including his wife and children, who will each be getting a daily allowance of $1,500.

Mr. Mugabe is expected to address the United Nations General Assembly, which kicks off on Tuesday. It will be held under the theme: ‘Focusing on People Striving for Peace and Decent Life for All on Sustainable Planet’.

The 93 year-old Zimbabwean leader normally takes the U.N stage to criticize the West for imposing targeted sanctions against him and his inner circle for human rights violations and suspected election rigging.

President Mugabe is also expected to call for the “democratization” of the United Nations Security Council.

While in New York he is not allowed to travel outside a radius prescribed by the United States government.

Back home, the acting president is Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was recently attacked by First Lady Grace Mugabe for harboring presidential ambitions and allegedly leading a faction of the ruling Zanu PF he using in an attempt to succeed President Mugabe.

Another faction, known as Generation 40, is said to be led by Mrs. Mugabe.

The two have distanced themselves from the factions though President Mugabe has publicly condemned the groups.

President Mugabe is Zanu PF’s sole presidential candidate in the next election. He will be 94 when he contests the poll.