Two Student Teachers break boy’s finger over wrist watch

TWO student teachers are being investigated by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for severely assaulting a grade seven pupil over a missing wrist watch.

Davison Gavaya and Talent Mugadza have since been tasked to write reports over the assault which left Eddington Makwanye, 13, with a dislocated middle finger and bruises all over the body. The boy had to miss school for 21 days as he was receiving treatment.

The two teachers are on teaching practice at Mundondo Primary School in Gutu.

Masvingo deputy Provincial Education Director, Andrew Chikwange, confirmed the investigation and a possible disciplinary action against the two trainee teachers if found guilty.

“We are still carrying out investigations internally before we make a public statement as information we have is still sketchy,” Chikwange said.

But sources said last term the boy hid a wrist watch belonging to a girl at the school and the two teachers were tasked to handle the matter.

“The girl suspected Eddington and it was when the two teachers started assaulting the boy to the extent that he had to miss school for 21 days.

“He confessed during the assault that he had hid the watch in retaliation after the girl had initially tried to steal his books but the teachers continued with the assault ordering the boy to perform a miracle and cause the watch to appear at the scene,” said a source.


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