Emmerson Mnangagwa kinsmen targeted in ZPF wars

by: Staff reporter
THE succession war between the Generation 40 (G40) and Lacoste factions has cascaded down to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s kith and kin in Zhombe, family members have claimed.

Family members in Ward 6, Chief Samambwa said they were now being side lined from food aid rations, decision making meetings and farming inputs apparently for supporting the newly installed Chief David Samambwa.

The new Chief Samambwa (David), a Mnangagwa ally, was appointed after the initial appointment of his younger brother Samuel who is aligned to the G40 faction was annulled at the behest of President Mugabe.

His appointment was cancelled after the realisation that he was not the heir apparent, paving the way for the installation of the new Chief.

However community levers of power are still under the control of Samuel’s lieutenants leading to the retributive village politics against Mnangagwa’s brothers who never supported his (Samuel’s) ascendancy.

One of the VP’s brothers Takesure Mnangagwa who lives in Nhenhemoyo village said it was clear that the succession politics were at play. He said the subtle game was being played under the guise of not supporting the ex-Chief (Samuel)’s appointment.

“The family is being persecuted for upholding President Mugabe’s decision to annul the appointment of the previously installed Chief, however we understand that people with ulterior motives have hijacked the whole saga,” he said.

Takesure accused Samuel’s supporters of sabotaging Zanu PF activities in Zhombe party labelling them saboteurs who had no place in the ruling party.

“Emmerson is my brother and as a family we only know one Zanu PF led by Mugabe to which our brother the vice president is second in command and I don’t know if it has since become a crime to be Mnangagwa’s brother,” he said.

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“Is there any other Zanu PF party we are supposed to support?”

“Sometimes we begin to wonder if this Zanu PF party is still the same with what we used to know,” he asked rhetorically.

Zanu PF District Chairman Calisto Chekesa and Ward 6 Councillor Earnest Madharani working in cahoots with some youths have been labelled as G40 foot soldiers accused of unleashing a reign of terror on all perceived newly appointed Chief David Samambwa’s supporters.

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