54 year old man shot dead

King William’s Town – Willowvale police expect an early arrest following the murder of a 54-year-old man on Saturday afternoon, Eastern Cape police said.

An early arrest was also expected in a separate case in which a teenage girl was raped in the same area, Captain Jackson Manatha said.

The murder victim, from Willowvale, was shot dead at about 2pm at Nkonjane location, Ngoma village, Willowvale, he said.

“The motive for the murder is not known but an arrest is expected soon as the suspect is known. The deceased, who cannot be named until his relatives are informed of his death, was fatally shot on his upper body and died instantly,” Manatha said.

In the second incident, a 13-year-old Willowvale girl was allegedly raped in the early hours of Saturday morning at Upper Gwadu village, Willowvale.

“The victim managed to identify the suspect who has since run away. It is not clear if the victim was alone at home when she was accosted and raped by the suspect [at about 1am].

“Butterworth family violence, child protection, and sexual offences unit (FCS) investigators are investigating the case. It is hoped that the suspect will be arrested soon and brought before the Willowvale court, as he is known,” Manatha said.

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