Donald Trump says he may have a ‘psychological problem’,

A newly released interview between Donald Trump and radio personality Howard Stern has revealed intimate details about the relationship between the president and his wife.

Speaking in 1999, six years before the pair got married, Stern asked Trump about groping his wife in public, as well as how they met for the first time.

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Trump revealed that when the pair first met, “it didn’t go well” at a big party in New York.

The pair first got to know each other during the 1998 New York Fashion Week just over a year after he had separated from his previous wife Marla Marples.

The newly transcribed interviews have emerged after an anonymous source sent audio files of 35 interviews between Trump and Stern to the website

The full transcripts have since been released to the public for all to read and hear.

Speaking with Stern on the 11 November 1999 Trump provided further insight about some of these meetings.


On Melania Trump

Stern: Have you ever felt her up in public?

Trump: Yeah.

Stern: Yeah. As I know.

Trump: I’m very well-behaved actually and almost always I’m very down the middle.

Stern: How did you meet this supermodel?

Donald and Melania Trump
US First Lady Melania Trump address US military personnel and families at Naval Air Station Sigonella as US President Donald Trump stands on stage,MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images
Trump: I met her at a very big party in New York. And she was there along with other supermodels and I greeted all of them and I said, that’s the one that’s the most beautiful.

Stern: Wow.

Trump: And she is considered beautiful by the other girls, I mean they, she’s really considered most beautiful, but she’s beyond beauty, she’s a very nice person.

Stern: And you got stank on your hangover the first night?

Trump: I didn’t do well with her the first time.

Stern: You didn’t.

Trump: No, it was not working. The whole thing was not working the first night.

Washing his hands

The president is well known for his fear of germs which he expanded on in the interview.

He said that he washed his hands “as many times as possible,” per day.

Stern: You realise that’s a psychological problem.

Trump: It could be a psychological problem.

Stern: There’s no way for you to get… You cannot overpower this problem you know that – I mean theoretically you know, because that’s obsessive-compulsive, right? Have you ever gone to a psychiatrist to eliminate that problem?

Trump: No. I like it. I like cleanliness. Cleanliness is a nice thing. Not only hands, body, everything.