10 confirmed dead in night of terror in Cape township

 Police have confirmed the death of ten people in a series of shootings at Marikana informal settlement in Philippi East on Friday evening.
According to police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk the first incident occurred inside a shebeen where unknown suspects fatally shot four people. In a second incident shortly thereafter, three more people were shot inside a shack and one outside the dwelling.
Van Wyk said a third incident, where two more people were shot and killed, happened not too far from the second crime scene.
The bodies were found lying between shacks.
“Additional reports indicate a male and a female were taken to hospital after sustaining gun shot wounds. Details are still sketchy. More information will follow,” added Van Wyk.
This follows a spate of killings in recent weeks. People living in the area claim police have failed to protect them from criminals, and have started taking matters into their own hands.
Residents have vowed to march on Saturday and shut down the Philippi Police Station because, according to them, the police are useless.
* More information on the story will be available on Saturday as crime scene experts and organised crime detectives are still on the scene.

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