AMHVoices: Hypocritical for Mugabe to buy Rolls-Royces from British

We at Corruptionforce are again disgusted by President Robert Mugabe’s racist comments.


We quote from Mugabe: “Whites came to Zimbabwe and wanted to make it theirs oblivious of the fact that what is not yours will never be yours no matter how much you fight for it.”

We at Corruptionforce are against these racist comments because we went to school with whites and have white friends. In fact, black Zimbabweans have been going to school and university with white Zimbabweans since 1981.

There are many of us who have great white friends. So, we say to Mugabe: Who are you to tell us who we can be friends with? This racist attitude is in violation of the new Constitution.

We at Corruptionforce suggest Mugabe reads the following sections of the Constitution: Sec 3(1) f; Sec 3 (2) i&j; Sec 35; Sec 56(3) and Sec 90 d.

So as per the Constitution, if we want to enter into joint ventures with white Zimbabweans we will. The sooner you leave office, the better. Your racist attitude is no longer wanted or relevant.

Corruptionforce also notes that First Lady Grace Mugabe does not respect the rule of law. There are court orders against her in Zimbabwe yet she does not respect them. She also has a problem with the South African legal system over her assault on Gabriella Engels. It is time to start prosecuting her for violation of the law. Under the Constitution, Grace is not above the law. Furthermore, she has no respect for human rights. No wonder she has earned the name DisGrace Mugabe. The sooner this so-called First Family is out of office, the better for all of us.

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We say to you Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa go for it. The Mugabes are a family who have no respect for the Constitution or human rights. They are no longer wanted. We want someone who will kill corruption in this country and follow the rule of law.

Those Rolls-Royce cars we see and read about in the newspapers that the Mugabe family has bought, where did the money come from and how did they get allocated the foreign currency? We hope in the interest of transparency that the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is looking into this. How can the Mugabes have all this wealth on government salaries if they are honest and respect the rule of law?

That the Mugabes bought Rolls-Royce cars from the British, who Mugabe blames for all of Zimbabwe’s troubles and not corruption and mismanagement, is hypocritical. Mugabe always says one thing and does another. Can Mugabe be trusted?

In concluding, we see that Zanu PF has interests in a number of companies in Zimbabwe. These include Treger Holdings, Mike Appel, Catercraft, Fibrolite, SARE, Zidco Holdings, National Blankets and others. We ask: How did Zanu PF get the money to invest in these companies? If it was using taxpayer funds, ie, looting the State coffers, the companies are not Zanu PF companies, but Zimbabwean companies as the funds came from Zimbabwean taxpayers who are from all corners of the country.

Everyone should be benefiting from these companies and not just Zanu PF. Those who loot taxpayers’ money and use it for their personal benefit are no less than common thieves who should be brought before the courts.

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Corruptionforce supports the rule of law and zero corruption.

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