Who is Emmerson Mnangagwa on this earth? says Grace Mugabe

A FURIOUS Lady Grace Mugabe could not even start her speech with salutations Thursday night at the launch of the Youth Empowerment Bank as she went straight to attack vice president Emerson Mnangagwa about his recent remarks in which he claimed that he was poisoned.

An emotionally charged First Lady only started salutations after 6 minutes 21 seconds of savaging the vice president.

She said Mnangagwa chose to tell the late heroine Shuvai Mahofa’s friends and relatives that he was poisoned assuming that they were going to sympathise with him.

Addressing the gathering over the weekend at the home of the late Mahofa, Mnangagwa said he was not around when she passed away but what happened to her in 2015 in Victoria Falls was what also happened to him in Gwanda.

“I was taken from Gwanda to Gweru and I can’t remember what followed. The following Wednesday when I regained consciousness.”

But the VPs claims came after President Mugabe revealed at a Youth Interface rally last month in Gweru that he had met with Mnangagwa’s medical doctor in the presence of the vice president. Mugabe said the doctor who has been attending to Mnangagwa for 20 years told him that his patient had not been food poisoned.

On Thursday night Grace, almost in tears, said she found very disturbing and shocking that the same Mnangagwa had decided to play to the gallery depending on the audience he is addressing when it came to his “poisoning”.

“Please stop playing this game because; it’s a dangerous game, I was not poisoned, I was poisoned,” Grace Mugabe told about more than 200 youths from different parts of the country who were attending the official launch of the Youth Empowerment Bank.

“The title of this game is called I was Poisoned”.

“Depending on the audience you (Mnangagwa) will be addressing if you go to the benefactor, you say I am bringing my doctor to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.

“Please doctor, tell my benefactor that I was not poisoned and in my blood, there is no single drop of poison and the doctor does exactly that.”

She went on, “And depending again with the audience you are talking to, you vehemently deny in the Politburo that you are ice cream and that you were never poisoned.”

The First Lady then said Mnangagwa went to the ruling party’s Central Committee where party members were accusing her of attempting to kill him.

“And you say let me set the record straight, I was not poisoned,” said the First Lady.

“You go to a memorial service somewhere; I suppose it’s a memorial service, muno nyaradzwana vanenge vafirwa. Pamwe you are seeking sympathy and then you say I was poisoned. I guess you were also looking for sympathy by claiming that you were poisoned.”

“So be careful youngsters don’t play this game, its dangerous game and it’s not meant to be played by the youths.”

She went on, “But only those in the position of vice presidency, these are the only ones allowed to play this game.”

“I am now waiting to see who is next to be poisoned, is it going to be Minister Zhuwao because there is plenty of ice cream at Gushungo Diary.”

Grace nearly forgot to declare that she had officially launched the Youth Empowerment Bank and said Mnangagwa’s level of politicking shows that he has run out of ideas.

“If that is the case go home and rest, please stop opening your mouth because you end up saying useless things,” Grace told the youths and mostly party members linked to the G4O faction.

“How can I prepare one cup of ice cream and put poison to kill Mnangagwa.

She added, “I am the wife of the President, who is Mnangagwa on this earth? Who is he? Who can kill the other in this situation, I want to ask, what do I need form him?”

“I am the wife of Mugabe, the President.”

“But someone stands up and claims that I want to kill Mnangagwa, I have everything that I want and what is it that he has, that I need from him?”

“A person who was given something to do by my husband and then I am accused that I want to kill that person, its nonsensical,” Grace shouted.

“You can’t claim to like the President but at the same time hate his wife, impossible, that means you don’t like the President himself.”

She added, “Hate me or like me ndinonzi Mafirakureva, I speak my mind.”

She ended her unprepared speech by reading a message which she said was sent by one of her sons on her way to Rainbow Towers which is from Proverbs 4 vs 27 and urged the youths to read and understand it because the vice president was ambushing himself and his end was near.

She then added, “Those who have ears have heard.”