Mnangagwa Press Conference: VP confirms he was poisoned

Harare – Zimbabwe’s Vice President Emmerson Mnanaggwa has today confirmed that he was a victim of poisoning, which resulted in a sudden illness during a Presidential Youth Interface Rally held in Gwanda over two months ago.

During a press conference held at his government offices, Mnangagwa confirmed that he fell ill during the rally, and was air lifted to Gweru, Harare, and then eventually South Africa.

Mnangagwa clarified that doctors had confirmed that he had been poisoned, while stating that he was not a victim of food poisoning.

He added that his doctors met and explained to the President, Robert Mugabe, that Mnangagwa had not been a victim of food poisoning – but had been poisoned.

Food poisoning develops when infectious organisms such as bacteria, viruses, or parasites contaminate foods. A person who ingests contaminated food will most likely fall sick, and suffer from vommitting, diarrhoea and fever.

Mnangagwa did not ingest contaminated food, and no evidence of food poisoning was found by the doctors. The doctors however found evidence that he had been ingested with poison.

Mnangagwa called the press conference to respond to allegations made in a statement released by his colleague, Vice President Mphoko while he was acting President, dated 03 October, 2017.

Mphoko had alleged in his statement that Mnangagwa was not poisoned, neither was he a victim of food poisoning. He further accused Mnangagwa of undermining the President.

Mnangagwa bemoaned that it was unfortunate that a man at the level of Mphoko and who occupies the office of Vice President would misinterpret clear statements regarding the difference between food poisoning and poisoning.

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Mnanagwa also took time to point out several factual inaccuracies in Mphoko’s statement. For instance, Mphoko had alleged that Mnangagwa gave a speech at the late Masvingo Provincial Minister’s memorial in an emotionally charged environment. Mnangagwa disputed this, stating that the funeral memorial was sombre, with several people battling to come to grips with the loss of their heroine.



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