Breaking : 500 armed cops deployed in Harare

HORDES of riot policemen numbering about 500 swarmed central Harare Thursday in anticipation of a demonstration allegedly organised by civil society pressure group Tajamuka/Sesijikile.

However, the restless policemen who had come anticipating a showdown with the rowdy demonstrators ended up being a nuisance in the central business district as there was no march at all.

Tajamuka/Sesijikile distanced themselves from the alleged threat to demonstrate indicating that they do not need to notify the police when they undertake their constitutional right to organize mass actions.

“As Tajamuka/Sesijikile Campaign we have been empowered by the new constitution to demonstrate and you will never see us notifying Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) on action to free ourselves.

The 1980 independence and the new constitution are enough applications for citizen’s action,” said the interim spokesperson for Tajamuka, Gift Ostallos Siziba.

Siziba, however, said they do not know the originator and identity of the person who made the police to react Thursday.

Harare residents castigated the presence of riot cops in a peaceful zone, indicating that the country was not at war.

“Armed policemen should remain in their camps. Their unexplained presence among peaceful citizens cannot be tolerated as we are not in a warzone. They are supposed to be the people’s police and not to intimidate the public,” said an irate Mandigora.

Last week, Tajamuka held a demonstration which resulted in running battles with foreign currency dealers who were allegedly fuelling the shortage of liquid cash in the country.

The government has thwarted civic organisations and political parties demonstrations in the past arresting and injuring ordinary citizens in the process.


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