Mnangagwa says Jonathan Moyo is a CIA agent

EMBATTLED vice president Emerson Mnangagwa said Jonathan Moyo is an American spy and the so called Children of Zimbabwe War Veterans Association (COZWA) is being used by G40 members to attack his (VP) person and spread malicious propaganda.

This is contained in a leaked dossier presented to President Robert Mugabe by Mnangagwa as part of his defence against allegations by Professor Jonathan Moyo that he has captured state activities to prop up his bid to replace the aged leader.

Titled ‘The Anatomy of Party Capture’, the paper also seeks to prove that Jonathan Moyo is a CIA agent who infiltrated Zanu PF to destroy it from within.

The two belong to rival factions within the ruling party with Moyo in the G40 while Mnangagwa is said to be the leader of the Team Lacoste.

The VP said the group was formed by Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere to also rival Children of Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (CZNLWVA) which had been formed earlier but according to Mnagangwa had not caused any problems in the ruling party.

“As part of Cde Kasukuwere’s initiative TO GAIN unmitigated control of the Party he created COZWA-an organisation led by one Munyaradzi Shoko whose acerbic tongue has left its acid on me and many others including the First Lady Amai Dr Grace Mugabe,” said the VP.

“Shoko’s background lays bare his group’s sinister motive.”

He added, “Interestingly, very few if any COZWA’s membership are sons and daughters of the war veterans.”

“It should be noted that COZWA pride itself in portraying First Lady in sponsoring violence amongst the country’s citizens but at the same time claiming to be rallying behind Your Excellency.”

Mnangagwa went on to say that COZWA operates a WhatsApp group with about 256 youths across the country and is being coordinated and sponsored by Kasukuwere, Manicaland Provincial Affairs Minister Mandi Chimene, Daniel Shumba and Shadreck Mashayamombe.

“Shoko himself has confided to party members that he was being instructed by Cde Kasukuwere to commit acts of violence using my name.”

He went on to say that after the Lupane rally where Mugabe reprimanded COZWA members an urgent meeting which ended at 4 am was held at Kasukuwere’s house where they deliberated on several strategies with regards to their association.

“One of the strategies was to lie that I bought Cde Kudzayi Chipanga a car and a house and that I recruited him to turn against the first family.”

“Shoko himself confirmed much in a story that was published on the front page of the Daily News on the 24th of July under the headline “Mugabe youth strategy backfires.”

“If Cde Patrick Zhuwao was to be honest with you, he would tell you that he attended the meeting in question,” he added.

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