Social Media Enthusiasts Roast Chinamasa

Social media is on fire following President Robert Mugabe’s move to re-assign former Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa to the Ministry of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Migitation.

Zimbabweans started circulating crafty memes on Monday after the minister was reassigned to this portfolio with one of the images showing him taking off his eyeglasses and pondering his next move.

The meme has some unkind words, which read in part “… When you go from Minister of Finance to national WhatsApp admin …”

An administrator of a WhatsApp group has the power to select, add and delete names of members, and the ability to post comments as and when it’s necessary.

Not to be outdone, another meme shows Chinamasa about to get to parliament with a briefcase having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Google, WhatsApp and other logos, possibly to present to legislators his vision on cyber security, threat detection and mitigation, instead of the 2018 national budget.

Chinamasa used to carry a big briefcase before presenting his national fiscal outlook to parliament. This has been the norm in the southern African nation whenever ministers of finance present national budgets in parliament.

Chinamasa is shown in this meme displaying a big briefcase outside parliament. Check what’s inscribed on the briefcase.

Another meme shows the former finance minister raising one of his fingers and urging someone to get out of an imaginary WhatsApp group. The meme reads, “Buda Mugroup, Buda! (Get out of the group, get out).

Several other memes are circulating on social media and messaging application, WhatsApp, depicting Chinamasa as a person who was demoted by President Mugabe.

The former finance minister was not available for comment.

George Charamba, President Mugabe’s spokesperson, told reporters in Harare soon after the swearing in of new Cabinet ministers that Chinamasa’s portfolio is designed to fish out people, who abuse others on social media, and other issues.

Charamba said Chinamasa was the best candidate for the job as he is a qualified legal practitioner capable of handling issues like the use of social media to undermine the state.

Zimbabweans always come out with memes designed to take on the ruling Zanu PF elite. Social media enthusiasts went wild when Mr. Mugabe fell at Harare Airport after returning home from some international engagements.

Some of the memes created a year ago are still circulating on social media and other platforms.