Wife stabs husband over WhatsApp

SHARING a mobile phone turned nasty for a Masvingo couple after a 23-year-old man was stabbed by his wife who was demanding her turn to use the WhatsApp instant messaging platform.

Lilian Chateuka, 18, was recently sentenced to 6 months imprisonment by Masvingo magistrate Takawira Mugabe for stabbing husband Sandros Sipuma on the night of 28 September this year.

Prosecutor Edmund Mapope told court that the couple shared a Samsung mobile phone which they used to communicate with friends and relatives.

On the night of the row, while Sipuma was still using the phone, the wife demanded the gadget and she tried to snatch it. The husband however, resisted as he wanted to finish his conversations on WhatsApp.

This did not go down well with Chateuka who took a knife and stabbed her husband several times on the right thigh.

Asked why she committed the offence, Chateuka told court that she was fed up with sharing the mobile phone with her husband since the device was bought by her parents before she got married to Sipuma.

A medical report produced in court showed that Sipuma suffered deep cuts on the thigh and received 24 stiches on the wound because of the assault.

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