MDC youth in UK make election pledge

October 25, 2017
| Report Focus News

MDC youth in the United Kingdom have pledged to support the democratic struggle in Zimbabwe and to make sure that the country is liberated from the Zanu PF ruthless regime.

In a statement the youth said during the Provincial Youth Meeting in London, the UK and Ireland youths poured out their commitment of ensuring that 2018 becomes the year of liberation for Zimbabwe.

“Our programmes and fundraising efforts have always been geared towards playing a part in the struggle at home. There was unity in accepting broader responsibilities over mobilising people and providing necessary resource support for the MDC activities at home,” said MDC UK.

“We acknowledged the need to consult and get detailed information on areas through which we can channel resources and assistance before and during elections. Just as our fellow soldiers on the ground at home who sacrifice their time and blood for a better future; the youths out here sacrifice their labour and sweat to play a part in the same struggle.”

“We believe that our President Tsvangirai is still on point with his vision for a free Zimbabwe. As youths we’ll rally with him until a new Zimbabwe comes”

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