In US, ‘both Robert Mugabe, Tsvangirai wouldn’t be allowed to contest’

October 31, 2017

Harare – Zimbabwe’s presidential hopeful Nkosana Moyo has reportedly dismissed both President Robert Mugabe and his long-time challenger Morgan Tsvangirai as unfit to contest the 2018 presidential elections.

According to New, Moyo said this while speaking to young people in Harare, months after launching his presidential bid.

The Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) candidate said that both Mugabe and Tsvangirai should by now have exited the political scene due to their health problems.

“Realistically, both president Mugabe and president Tsvangirai are unwell. These are things that people are going to consider as well as look into. If this was in the US, just on the basis of health alone, they would not qualify to run,” Moyo was quoted as saying.

Moyo, however, wished Tsvangirai a speedy recovery.

Tsvangirai was again flown to South Africa over the weekend for medical attention just a few weeks after his last trip.

He announced last year that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer and that he had begun chemotherapy.

Tsvangirai hoped to lead a united opposition into 2018’s general elections.

Meanwhile, Mugabe, 93, regularly flew to Singapore, reportedly for health reasons. Details of his medical condition were kept under wraps, but he recently said that doctors had given him a clean bill of health.