President Mugabe fights his shadow

November 4, 2017
| Report Focus News

Today I had an opportunity to attend the just ended Youth interface rally in Bulawayo and I am disgusted. Bulawayo has been neglected for decades; all initiatives like the Zambezi Water Project never saw the light of the day; the biggest industrial city in the country is now a ghost town yet a whole so-called President of Zimbabwe come to the city to fight his shadow.

After travelling all the way from Mandamabwe, I was expecting to hear the so-called President discuss bread and butter issues. What another place could the so-called President have to articulate the vision of the country than Bulawayo – I can call this a city anymore because almost everything is dysfunctional.

Industries are non-operational. Ironically, local colleges are producing graduates like hot cakes. Unemployment is almost 99 percent. So why bring people to a rally to threaten to fire vice President Mnangagwa? Why threaten an impromptu election at a rally? Why not make an elective congress true elective and let people compete for your position? How does threatening to fire Mnangagwa going to bring food on my table?

It is surprising that the people of Zimbabwe remain calm in the face of such mockery from the supposed highest office. This geriatric has completely lost it and a threat to the security of this country. All he did was to echo what his Certified Nursing Assistant stood (CNA) up to say; no policy issues, no vision for Bulawayo; no vision for the country. Why not go ahead and fire Mnangagwa now and focus on helping us live like human beings again?

We are tired of these votes buying gimmicks that surface every time elections are around the corner.  Zimbabwe is not Gushungo dairy; ZANU PF is not a Mugabe homestead therefore people cannot afford to let this misguided CNA chart her misguided way forward for the country.

Zimbabwe is a country a constitutional country yet we have let this geriatric take us for granted for too long and we must stop him immediately. The chap has already committed International law and a good candidate for the International Court of Justice (ICJ). His declaration of, “I am the law” is enough to get him to The Hague.

I will not waste my time on Grace; she has definitely issues that do not warranty any sane person’s attention. My appeal is to the people of Zimbabwe to force their purported leaders to expend their energy towards the development of the country not petty power play issues that always surface around election season. If our leaders could spend a third of the effort they spend fighting Mnangagwa towards the development of the country, Zimbabwe will be a developed country.

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