LIVE: Robert Mugabe insisting on serving full term

November 16, 2017
A street vendor reads a newspaper in central Harare, Zimbabwe, November 16,2017. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo - RC1805510290

The UK government is urging its citizens in the capital, Harare, to avoid large gatherings and any demonstrations.

The US Embassy is also advising citizens in Zimbabwe to “limit unnecessary movements” as the country’s political uncertainty continues.

The military remains in the streets of the capital.


President Robert Mugabe is insisting he remains Zimbabwe’s only legitimate ruler, a source says.

Catholic priest Fidelis Mukonori is acting as a mediator between Mugabe and the generals who seized power on Wednesday.

Mugabe is reportedly resistant to the idea of making a graceful exit for a smooth, bloodless transition, and insists on serving out his full term.


Robert Mugabe, his wife Grace and two key figures from her G40 political faction are under house arrest at Mugabe’s “Blue House” compound in Harare and are insisting the 93-year-old finishes his presidential term, according to a source who has spoken to people inside the compound.

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Mugabe is insisting he serves out his presidential term, according to a source who has spoken to key ally inside compound