Robert Mugabe’s son posts defiant message on Facebook

November 19, 2017
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Robert Mugabe’s son posted a defiant message on social media on Sunday before his dictator father refused to release his grip on power.

Chatunga Bellamine Mugabe, Robert’s eldest son by second wife Grace, wrote on Facebook: ‘You can’t fire a Revolutionary leader! Zanu PF is nothing without President Mugabe.’

Using the name of Mugabe’s clan, he added: ‘Gushungo will always remain the champion of champions!

 Chatunga Mugabe, dictator Robert’s first son with wife Grace, posted this defiant message online on Sunday before his father refused to step down

‘Proud of you Gushungo. Proud of Dad. Gushungo always and forever to death.’

Robert Mugabe, 93, had been widely expected to resign on Sunday night as he gave a speech from the capital Harare, but sensationally failed to do so.

Surrounded by a cabal of generals who have been keeping him under house arrest, the 93-year-old instead vowed to clean up tensions within the party himself.

He announced a party conference would take place within the coming weeks and vowed to preside over it, despite being removed as party leader earlier in the day.

Robert Mugabe was widely expected to resign during a speech in Harare on Sunday night but instead vowed to fix tensions within the Zanu PF party himself

Watched by a cabal of generals who have been keeping him under house arrest, Mugabe vowed to hold a part conference in the coming weeks and preside over it

Military officials say plans to impeach Mugabe will now go ahead on Monday.

It is not known where Chatunga Mugabe currently is, or whether he had advanced knowledge of his father’s plans.

Chatunga and his brother Robert Jr had been living in South Africa before the military seized power earlier this week. They have not been seen in public since.

Their mother Grace, whose grab for power prompted the turmoil that is currently gripping Zimbabwe, has also been hidden from the public eye.

It is believed she is under house arrest in Harare, but this has not been verified.

Chatunga is well-known on social media for videos of his party-hard lifestyle. Last week he filmed himself pouring £200 champagne over a £45,000 watch

Her future, like that of her husband, is also in doubt amid reports that several high-ranking political allies have been kicked out of the party and may face prosecution.

It is unclear if she will face court alongside them, and it is understood that Mugabe has been demanding guarantees over the safety of his wife and sons during his negotiations with the military.

Chatunga and Robert Jr are known for their party-hard lifestyle funded by their father’s money which they regularly flaunt on social media.

Last week Chatunga uploaded a video to Instagram showing himself pouring two bottles of £200 champagne over a £45,000 watch while out clubbing, while his fellow countrymen struggle to make ends meet.

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