Zimbabweans pray for Robert Mugabe to step down

Harare – Zimbabweans gathered in Africa Unity Square opposite the Parliament on Monday to call for President Robert Mugabe to step down.

The gathering was a prayer meeting that’s planned for every day this week until Mugabe steps down, with calls for churches, civil society and ordinary people to be included in the talks for an inclusive government.

Doug Coltart, one of the organisers of the gathering and the organiser of #ThisFlag, said they had claimed the space opposite parliament, and would be meeting there daily.

“We want Mugabe to step down. We want him to go peacefully,” he said.

Coltart said they wanted the new Zimbabwe to be founded on the principles of peace, freedom and justice.

“Removing Mugabe will not solve our problems… What we need is a transitional process that will take us to the Zimbabwe that we want,” he said.

Coltart said the process needed to be inclusive, including everyone from church leaders and politicians to the vendor on the street.

“We want a transitional mechanism that is not full of politicians,” he said.

“This is an idea I want you to share. Mugabe must go, but we want an inclusive [government].”

He said it was important to have a national dialogue about what people wanted once Mugabe had been removed.

“We’ve claimed this space… This is our space for the church and the citizens… This is our liberation camp site,” he said.


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