BREAKING NEWS: President Mnangagwa acts on externalisation

November 28, 2017
| Report Focus News

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says government has granted a three-month amnesty for the return of illegally externalised funds and assets, with no questions being asked or charges preferred against them.

In a statement to ZBC News this afternoon, President Mnangagwa said the period of this amnesty stretches from the 1st of December 2017 to the end of February 2018.

President Mnangagwa said: “As a first step towards the recovery of the illegally externalised funds and assets, the government is gazetting a 3-month moratorium within which those involved in the malpractice can bring back the funds and assets, with no questions being asked or charges preferred against them.”

He said affected persons who wish to comply with this directive should liaise with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for necessary facilitation and accounting.

“Upon the expiry of the three month window, government will proceed to effect arrest of all those who would not have complied with this directive, and will ensure that they are prosecuted in terms of the country’s laws,” said President Mnangagwa.

The President said activities linked to Operation Restore Legacy have among other issues helped to uncover cases where huge sums of money and other assets were illegally externalised by certain individuals and corporates

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