French President Macron condemns attacks on Israel over Jerusalem

French President Emmanuel Macron “firmly and clearly” condemns all kinds of attacks against Israel in recent hours and days, following a meeting in Paris with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Macron also reaffirmed his “disapproval” of U.S. President Donald Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Macron said “what’s new is that the United States unilaterally recognized something that is not complying with the international law.”

He appealed for calm in the Middle East and asked Netanyahu to make gestures toward the Palestinians to “give a chance” to peace. Macron said a gesture could be a settlement freeze.

The French president said he wants to wait for a potential U.S. “mediation” in coming weeks and months and would only support an initiative that would be acceptable by Israelis, Palestinians and other parties in the region.


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