Mnangagwa govt pays workers on time… a first in many years

Zimbabwean state workers have reportedly applauded government after it was announced this week that they would receive their December salaries on time for the first time in years.

According to New, the country’s treasury permanent secretary, Willard Manungo,  confirmed the development in a memo which stated that the defence forces and the health sector would be the first to be paid on December 15.

Manungo said that the police and prison services would be the next on December 19, with teachers and other civil servants expected to be paid on December 21.

Zimbabwe had over the years struggled to pay its workers on time due to cash shortages and a failed economy.

The cash-strapped government, reportedly spent more than 80% of its revenue on wages and in recent years, it had resorted to staggering pay dates as it scraped the bottom of its coffers.


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