Tsvangirai’s death: Robert Mugabe remains ‘conspicuously silent’, says report

41602841   21 02 2017   zimbabwe president mugabe birthday
41602841 21 02 2017 zimbabwe president mugabe birthday

Harare – Zimbabwe’s ex-president Robert Mugabe has reportedly not said a word since the death of his toughest rival Morgan Tsvangirai.

The former trade union stalwart, who posed the most formidable challenge to Mugabe’s nearly four-decade hold on power, died on Wednesday last week in a hospital in South Africa where he was being treated for colon cancer.

Tsvangirai, 65, founded the MDC in 1999. He was among the most prominent critics of Mugabe, the long-time authoritarian leader who was ousted from power in November.

According to New Zimbabwe.com, Mugabe has kept a “conspicuous silence” over his long time rival’s death.

Tsvangirai once served under Mugabe for five years during the national government of national unity formed in 2009 – 2013.


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